The maximum number of participants on each course will be 6. Each course will consist of five sessions of 1 ½ hours with those taking part required to provide their own laptop. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide one for your use. Please inform us if you require a Mac course. When enough people have signed-up for a Mac course – a minimum of 4 – we will proceed.After each lesson, questions will be dealt with and individual appointments can be arranged if requested.

Beginner`s and Advanced Courses (Windows+Mac)

Our aim is to remove the ‘mystery’ surrounding computers and to ensure that after each lesson you return home having learned something meaningful and useful.

The intermediate course will start when the beginners’ course has been completed.

Multimedia Course

A close look at all your digital and multimedia devices; smartphone, camera, laptop and tablet. What is each best used for and how can you make them work best for your needs?

WWW Course

This course will allow you to explore the uses of the world wide web as we investigate:

1. Communications in the www and getting to know special tools for private conversations and how to use them during the course.

Fotobooks and individual gifts (Course)

A Photobook is a new concept album, in fact – a beautiful and high quality book with your photos . In a technical sense, the photobook is printed photo album with book cover. Photo books are needed when you have beautiful pictures, but you do not want to put them in the long outdated boring album with plastic pockets.

During our step-by-step course, you will learn how to organice, edit and create a beautiful pice of individuality with  pictures from your PC, smartphone, tablett or Mac. You will work with your own device, so it will be easy for you to work later by yourself.

Web Design

You need a website. You might be thinking of creating your own blog. We can help and we can do so by also teaching you how to run these things by yourself. Together, we figure-out what you need and how it can be implemented.

Our offering and our charges are transparent so that you know exactly what you get for your money.

Individual Tuition

This course will offer you the chance to learn a great deal about using a computer, all done at a pace to suit you. It will also be your decision on how often you will participate and this can range on a one-hour refresher session or simply to highlight one particular area of computer use. More regular sessions can also be arranged. It’s up to you. It can also be arranged that the tutor can come to you or you can choose to meet her at her premises.

Group Tuition

Are you a teacher who could benefit from the use of new media in the classroom? Would you like to arrange a blog or a Wiki entry in an inexpensive way? Would you like to build a special web 2.0 education system to alert children to be careful?

Do you use Google business and wish your co-worker to learn about it? Are your new employees acquainted with your computer system?

Children, teenagers and non-profit organisations are also welcome to book special sessions.