Multimedia Course

A close look at all your digital and multimedia devices; smartphone, camera, laptop and tablet. What is each best used for and how can you make them work best for your needs?

1. We examine the various devices to answer the question: Which ones suit my needs?

2. Sessions 2 and 3 will deal with digital photography. You will learn the differing aspects of digital photography and how to take quality pictures and how to organize them. You will also learn what tools and apps can be used and how to assemble Photobooks.

3. It is in this session that we will take a closer look at smartphones and the wide range of opportunities for which they can be used. From being a virtual office to becoming your organizer as well as a piece of technology on which you can play games, your phone can do it.

4. The last lesson will allow you to recap on all the things you have learned in this course where we will have an open session for all your questions.