Starter + Advanced

Beginner`s and Advanced Courses (Windows + Mac)

Our aim is to remove the ‘mystery’ surrounding computers and to ensure that after each lesson you return home having learned something meaningful and useful.

1. The first sessions will teach you how to navigate your computer and make it fit to meet your needs. What is Windows and how do I use it? What is a virus and how can I protect my computer from them?

2. During the second lesson you will learn to work with Office and following this Word, Exel and PowerPoint will not be strangers to you.

3. On lesson three we will deal with cleaning your computer and handling information on your device and how to protect it.

4. The world wide web and how to make use of it will be the centrepiece of this lesson. How do we protect our children from the more problematic areas of using the WWW? How do we use search engines and how do they work? Online shopping and safety issues. What is social networking?

5. In this final session of the beginners’ course we will examine the various types of computers available, their differences and which might be best for you.

Intermediate Course

This course will start when the beginners’ course has been completed.

1. Session one will involve a closer look at the computer and what can be gained from the software already installed. What does it mean? What is user control? Do I need to do all the updates myself? What is the computer capable of doing automatically?

2. We will more work comprehensively with Excel. What are its uses for me?

3. Our third lesson will deal principally with Word and how to write letters, create flyers or invitations and other uses.

4. PowerPoint is not only for business. This session will concentrate on the use of PowerPoint where you will learn how to make presentations for a variety of events, from birthday parties to weddings and anniversaries. Or you might simply want to show friends your holiday photographs.

5. This last session will deal with questions covering all the aspects of the intermediate course.