Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. The registration begins with the signing of the contract.

2. One lecture lasts a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of two hours. Lectures will take place either at the home of the student or, if required, at the premises of computers4women.

If you require us to come to your home or premises there will be a travel fee.

3. We require no less than 2 students for each course while we can accommodate up to six students.

The course lasts five to fifteen weeks. Interruption of the course through sickness or unavailability, either by the teacher or the student, or because of a public holiday, will bring a recap.

Public holiday information will be given at the start of each course.

If a student has to leave the course early, no refund will be given.

If the student cancels a booking less than 7 business days in advanced, no refunds will be given. But there will be the oportunity to reschedule for a following course within 6 month without extra fees.




A student whose behaviour is unacceptable to the class or tutor will be excluded from the course without a refund of charges.

Students must provide their own insurance. Steffi Kuhn will not be liable for personal items owned by students.

All information provided will remain private and confidential. Any pictures taken by Steffi Kuhn during the lessons may be used for advertising our courses.

Conditions of payment

Target group


A single lessons (1h) costs 65 SFr. plus 85 SFr if the tutor is required to travel for the benefit of the student more than 30km. Lessons must be paid for by Twint or by cash immediately following a one to one lesson. The courses must be paid in total 14 days after the invoice is send to you.

A counseling and support hour coasts 125 SFr./ h.

Your signature confirms that you have read, agreed and understood the terms and conditions.

We aim our courses at women, beginners and seniors with our aim to either refresh previously-gained knowledge or work with clients who are new to computers, the internet and all they bring. IT support will be available on request.

A computer or other IT device must be provided by the student. If this is not possible, one can be provided by the tutor.

Individual appointments are available for those wishing to go deeper into the subject.


Singapore $
Swissfranc SFr.
Euro €
Travel fee

45 S$

free within a travel distance of 29 km, afterwards 85 SFr.


tuition material


(computer or other devicespecific Software – only required for specific needs)


(computer or other devicespecific Software – only required for specific needs)


(computer or other devicespecific Software – only required for specific needs)

tuition 1:1 (private)

(=60 minutes)

100 S$

Tuition and Counseling in Singapore

65 SFr.

Tuition and Counseling in Switzerland or over the phone.

65 €

Tuition and Counseling in Germany or over the phone


(10 x à 90 Min)

min. 2 person

Support and counseling


1000 S$

150 SGD/ h

950 SFr

125 SFr/h

950 €

120 €/h